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Sheri's Cuddly Teddy Bear Goldendoodles Welcomes You With Open Paws

Dogs provide us with a sense of emotional wellbeing thanks to the unconditional love they give.

 Goldendoodles are wonderful loving and loyal friends! These sweet pups are perfect family dogs. The loyal English golden retriever mixed with the smart standard poodle makes a perfect family dog . We take pride in raising the perfect pet, so stop right here for that special friend you are looking for in a pet. These dogs love water, playing fetch,are very loyal and just love be with you. Have wavy soft little to non shedding coat. All around great pets!

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Elliemay standard cream poodle

Ellimay is that dog that loves to sit in her daddies lap! Ellie thinks she is human but is all about chasing birds around the bush. She also loves playing hide in seek with her daddy. She is very authentic.

Milli standard parti poodle

Milli is a wonderful friend and loves to be on your lap and greet me when I get home. Milli gets excided to have a bath and loves to get blow dry. She is Ricki's mom. Milli is now enjoying retirement!


Ricki Goldendoodle F1

This is Ricki my English cream teddy bear Goldendoodle F1 Mom is Milli my first female standard parti poodle. Dad is Jac a English cream golden retriever.Rickie is the perfect pet, he loves to fetch, carries something in his mouth all the time. Respectable, listens and is a love bug.

 Jac and Milli are Ricki's parents!

Meet Jac English cream golden retriever with Milli. They have had 4 litters together. Ricki is out the first litter. We do not own Jac.


Ellie and Ricki 

This Ricki and Ellie! Together they have had one litter of F1b puppies. Being of non shedding cream puppies with wavy to curly hair. They be have their next litter in spring of 2021. Watch for them.

Meet Lucy lulu

This is our new moyen (medium 25 to 35lbs) poodle. Future momma to the next generation of doodles. We may breed her to an mini Australian shepherd to create some beautiful aussiedoodles! But we well see. First litter should be in 2023 around August. Stay tuned!

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Hi my name is Sheri and I have been breeding dogs as a hobby since 2014. I was raised in the country and have been around farm animals and breeding my entire life. I worked in a farm store for over 20 years working with FFA and 4-H kids with their fair animals and the nutrition for them. This helped me gether a lot of knowledge to pass on to my customers of puppies going to new homes. So getting up in life and needing a little extra income to save for my retirement. With the love for dogs I decided to do something I knew well. So why Goldendoodles instid of farm type dogs. I always loved the doodle and poodles dogs and that's what I wanted to breed. I decided on the English cream golden retriever and the standard poodle cause I really love the personalities and new they would make a wonderful pet for families. And I am right they are great family pets. They have a wonderful coat that are low to non shedding soft wavy hair. This is my other reason for Goldendoodles is the non shedding.I also like to train these little guys to prepare the puppies for their new homes and families. I potty train, train them not to jump on you and socialize puppies everyday. I take great pride in my puppies, love them and prepare them the best I can to make sure they turn out to be great pets.


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Help me help you find that perfect pet! If you are interested in my puppies or prices please email me and I well answer any questions you have. Have a blessed day and God bless! 


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